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Panik In Bubble Trouble

Panik In Bubble Trouble.Help Panik destroy the cyber bubbles unleashed by the evil red guy, all over the world!

Soap Bubble

Soap Bubble.

Dexter’s Bubble Juggle

Dexter’s Bubble Juggle.You are the young scientist Dexter and you have a bubble of chewing-gum in the mouth. On your left, your sworn enemy Mandark shakes a rack and makes fall from the objects. On your line your sister Dee Dee. The goal of this game is that you move so that th

Happy Land

Happy Land.Punch sad faces out of Happy Land!


Doggles.If greyhounds could fly, they’d chase hares in the sky! Chase Baron Von Hare round a hectic “flying lap” through the rings.

Kookin Kidz

Kookin Kidz.Catch little kids and drop them in the cooking pot

Simply Smashing

Simply Smashing.Convinced she’s the only work of art at Foster’s, Duchess is throwing a first-class tantrum and threatening to destroy the home’s most priceless objects.

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