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Mindfields 2204

Mindfields 2204.Use the actions in your toolbox to find the safe way through the enemy lines. Every level has a solution.
Game controls:
Use your Left Mouse button to click on the toolbox items and assign actions on the battlefield.

Battle Tank

Battle Tank.Shoot the turrets with missiles and gun down the small soldiers. Don’t let them take you out first.

Tank Assault

Tank AssaultEnemy panzers have broken our lines and occupied a city of strategic importance. As an anti-tank cannon commander you received the order to destroy the enemy whatever it takes.

Battle Tank Desert Mission

Battle Tank Desert Mission.Shoot the flying airplanes and drones overhead with your tank. Takes some skill to hit them.

Zorro Tank

Zorro Tank.Evil scientist Karbafos with his war machines capture the city Alhadar! Legendary Zorro Tank has only one day to kill all the machines and release the city citizens from terror!

Tanks Game

Tanks Game.Survive as you blow up other tanks. Grab nukes and other powerups to help you out.


X-HOC.A soccer-like game with little colorful tanks that shoot the ball to each other.

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