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World Domination 2

This is the most awaited sequel to the World Domination series. Choose your enemies and battle it out and improve your technologies before your enemy can even attack you. Good luck!
Game controls:
Mouse – To interact.

Shooting Fish

Shooting Fish.Mouse – Shoot

Tactics 100 Live

Tactics 100 Live.Build your own army of different fighting units that fit your fighting style and send that army into battle. The way you attack affects the outcome. You can attack from high ground, at point blank, among others. Good luck!
Game controls:
Mouse – To interact.

Strategy Defense

Strategy Defense.Use mouse to interact.

Xeno Tactic 2

Xeno Tactic 2.Xeno Tactic 2. is an absolute must for all the turret defense game lovers of you and makes a great visual impact! Stop the alien vehicles in their tracks by building defensive structures in this tower defense game.
Game controls:
Drag and drop various military devices using your mouse.


Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower Defense.Stop the bloons escaping by building towers next to the maze.
Game controls:
Use your mouse to place/buy towers.

Danger Girl

Danger Girl.This girl is so angry with aliens in her backyard that’s why you must help her, with the aid of her ball, eliminate them by throwing the ball at them to knock them down and earn some money to purchase some upgrades to your ball. Good luck!
Game controls:
Mouse – Aim and shoot.

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